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What you can do with MyWe Kit?

MyWeKit WeChat marketing platform is a website of Foshan Tentacles Mobile Software Network Technologies Co., Ltd. MyWeKit is a third-party platform that integrates WeChat activities, WeChat marketing, and WeChat management and operation. MyWeKit's popular Microsystems are: WeChat website, WeChat members, Micro activities, micro malls, micro push, micro services, micro scenes, etc ...

MyWeKit WeChat marketing platform is designed to help individuals or companies that do not understand technology to establish their own WeChat public account website, so that businesses or companies that do not understand technology can easily have their own WeChat publicity and marketing tools!

Nowadays, with the popularity of smart phones and 4G and 5G networks, WeChat is occupying more and more fragmented time in our lives with its powerful interactive functions, good user experience, and more convenient forms. It gradually affects our lives and gradually becomes an indispensable part of daily life for more and more people. From urban to rural areas, from youth to middle-aged and even old age, it is gradually becoming a fashionable way of life to browse through WeChat during leisure. Therefore, the WeChat public platform has become a marketing tool for more and more merchants to promote their brands and services and interact with consumers due to their good display and more convenient and rapid communication. The WeChat QR code has also become a commercial promotion, an indispensable part of the WeChat eco system.

The MyWeKit project is based in Foshan and is dedicated to building a professional WeChat public account platform for businesses, enterprises and units. Let you easily own your own exquisite and powerful WeChat website, use it to promote your own brand, products and services, and to interact with consumers. At the same time, the local major online media is used to help customers promote their WeChat public platform online, so that consumers can easily follow, understand your WeChat public platform and participate in various interactive activities organized by you.

MyWeKit is simple and practical. Users only need to copy and paste the Url and Token in the MyWeKit platform into their own public platforms to complete the binding, and then access all the functions in MyWeKit. MyWeKit directly displays many interactive functions to users in the form of finished products, such as: WeChat scratch card, big turntable, coupon, smash golden egg, membership card, WeChat card, WeChat wall, WeChat website, etc. It can be used within a few minutes.

The major Features

Microsite (Wechat Website)
Micro website, also known as micro official website, is a form of web page development based on WeChat. Unlike traditional PC websites, there are thousands of micro website templates integrated in MyWeKit. Presented on the phone.

Micro onsite (WeChat OnSite)
Micro-onsite is a newly developed application by MyWeKit. It often appears in summits, events, weddings and other places. It can display specific topics, and display the information of participants on the big screen simultaneously, including WeChat wall, shake, right Touch and other functions, can carry out multiple interactive links such as live lottery, voting, leaving a message.

Scene application (Slideshow or Micro Scene)
The scene application (micro scene), also known as WeChat ppt, micro poster, micro canvas, micro magazine, etc., its display format is mainly in the form of pictures, plus background music, slide up with your finger on the mobile phone screen to change pages. It can incorporate a large amount of business information and event introductions. Because its production can be customised, it is favoured by many people.

MyWeKit provides a variety of online activities, including: scratch card, big turntable, smashing golden eggs, World War I, fruit machine and so on. It is a new type of interactive marketing model. Merchants can carry out sweepstakes through any functional application, just set the probability of winning in MyWeKit, the number of participation and prizes and the time of the event.

Other Functions 

Membership card: Abandon the traditional membership card, save the cost of printing card, the electronic membership card firmly locks your customers.

Customised menu: fully display your business process, intuitive and convenient.

Micro-industry: Industry sectors with different styles are designed for each mainstream industry to fully display corporate brand and product information.

Coupons: The promotional information is known early, and your promotional information is synchronously communicated to the customer, and then the customer is easily transformed.

WeChat Mall: WeChat can sell products, add new sales channels, and sell products anytime, anywhere.

Micro-interaction: interact with customers through various forms of activities, thereby enhancing customer stickiness and guiding consumption.

LBS: The wine is also afraid of deep alleys, and there are no shops that it cannot find.

Micro-games: A variety of WeChat mini-games developed based on HTML5 to easily stick to customers.

Micro Customer Service: Distribute consulting customers to employees, manage and reply anytime, anywhere.

Convergence of third parties: This feature is compatible with other platforms, meaning that multiple similar functions can be done simultaneously.

Product parameters

Version:               MyWeKit V8.0
Category:            WeChat application
Display form:     Webpage
Updated:             Monthly update
Developer:          Shanghai Jumeng Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Language:           English
Supported systems: Windows xp / vista / 7/8/9/10 system, Apple Mac systems, etc.

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