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How to configure interface for WeChat public account?

Please be sure to read the following 2 steps carefully to complete the setup. If you have any questions, please contact QQ 1244143193.

Your interface URL is:
Yourtoken is:
Message encryption and decryption methods:

The first step is to bind your WeChat public account to the MyWeKit multi-user WeChat marketing system.

The second step is to set up an interface to the WeChat public platform.

  • 1. Login to WeChat Public Account platform ),After logging in, click "Developer Center" on the left menu, as shown in the red box below.
  • 2. After entering the Developer Center, click the green "Enable" button as in the figure below (if the button is red, ignore this and go directly to the next step),then click OK in the pop-up page, and then Click "Modify Configuration" in the image below(The developer center of the subscription number may not have the developer ID, AppId and AppSecret, which is normal
  • 3. Fill in the interface configuration information according to the following requirements, and submit it after filling in

    For example, the address on your MyWeKit platform is

    Then the URL is

    Token fill


    Message encryption and decryption

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